I know some of you like to compare Banana Fish with Yuri on Ice because some of the same aspect, like the likeliness of Ash Lynx's face with Yuri Plisetsky's face, the same story between two guys story who being soulmates after the event of story, and also being produced by MAPPA; while the other of you guys don't like if Yuri on Ice and Banana Fish being compared because of their definitely different genre and story, also Yuri on Ice is the original anime while Banana Fish is the manga adaptation anime.

But how about you giuys? For me, i'm so excited if YOI and BF being compared because of me, it's very coincidentally if both of Japanese boys have their respective foreigner "boyfriends". Also, for me, YOI vs BF seems like Cold War between Russia vs The U.S (

Also, check out thus thread on

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