Takeshi Nishigori (Japanese: 西郡 豪, Nishigōri Takeshi) is a childhood friend and ex-rink mate of Yuuri Katsuki.


Takeshi is Yuuri's childhood friend and ex-rinkmate. Although he retired from figure skating a while ago, he still visits the rink often to support Yuuri.

Takeshi is married to Yuuko, one of Takeshi and Yuuri's childhood friends and ex-rinkmates. The two of them have three daughters, Axel, Lutz, and Loop, who are triplets. He also helps Yuuko to run Ice Castle in Hasetsu.


Nishigori Family

Takeshi with his wife and children.

Takeshi has a stocky build with tan skin and short-cut black hair. He has a square jawline, a large nose, small eyes and thick, slanted eyebrows. He usually wears a black track jacket, black pants and black sneakers.


As a child, Takeshi used to tease Yuuri for being overweight, though Yuuko was quick to defend Yuuri from his teasing. He did not share the same interest in Victor Nikiforov that Yuuri and Yuuko did.

As an adult, he has a laid-back and benign personality, and often gives Yuuri blunt but practical advice. Though he still sometimes teases Yuuri like he did when they were children, he does so in a more friendly and joking way. He no longer skates seriously, but is still a fan of the sport along with his wife and daughters.


Yuuko Nishigori

Yuuko is Takeshi's childhood friend, rinkmate, and spouse. Yuuko used to defend Yuuri from Takeshi's name calling. Takeshi is usually seen by Yuuko's side along with his daughters, if he is not alone with Yuuri.

Axel, Lutz, and Loop Nishigori

Axel, Lutz, and Loop are Takeshi's triplet daughters. The triplets resemble Takeshi in physique.

Yuuri Katsuki

Takeshi and Yuuri are childhood friends and former rinkmates. Takeshi used to tease Yuuri about his weight, and did not seem interested in Victor's skating like Yuuri and Yuuko were. Takeshi is close to Yuuri, and is the first to properly talk to Yuuri when the latter returned home. He is also the one to help Yuuri with shaping up, training, and warm-ups while in Hasetsu. Takeshi, along with Yuuko, is very supportive of Yuuri's skating career.


  • "The Nishigori family always has your back."[1] (to Yuuri)
  • "Wow, so hot! Take me! But that doesn't sound like your image." [2] (to Yuuri)
  • "You... seriously think you can be better than Victor someday?"[2] (to Yuuri)


  • According to Mitsurou Kubo, while the staff did their best to portray the appeal of the skaters, they didn't try very hard with Takeshi.


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