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Stéphane Lambiel is a guest commentator featured in Yuri!!! On Ice for the Grand Prix Final free skate in Episode 12.

In the show, Stéphane narrates in French, even when talking to Victor Nikiforov, as well as other commentators, who reply to him in Japanese. It is not certain what the canon language Stéphane and his respondants communicate in. In the English dub, his voice was replaced with another voice actor's.


  • Stéphane is a fictional representation of real life Swiss figure skater and choreographer who voices himself. He is known for his spins (and more specifically, his ability to spin both clockwise and counter-wise). As he is 31 in reality, he is shown as retired in the anime.
  • Stéphane and one of his students, Deniss Vasiljevs, a Latvian figure skater, are big fans of the show in real life and often posted about watching it on social media during the running of the show.
  • In real life, Stéphane is the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic silver medallist in men's singles figure skating.
  • Stéphane has a Yuri!!! On ICE phone case.