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Seung-Gil Lee (Korean: 리 승길; Japanese: イ・スンギル, Ii Sungiru) is a South Korean figure skater featured in Yuri!!! on Ice.


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Seung-gil is a handsome pale-skinned young man of average height with black hair that hangs on the left side, dark-grey eyes, thick eyebrows and he is often seen with a serious or stoic expression.

His usual outfit consists of a black tracksuit jacket with blue trim, and black pants.

Short Program

During his short program, Seung-gil wears a rainbow-feathered costume that vastly contrasts with his usual dressing style.

Free Skate

During his free skate, he wears a suit-like costume paired with a shimmering tie and matching gloves.


Seung-gil's disinterested expression.

When Seung-gil is not skating, he zones everything out and he is rather air-headed. However, when he steps onto the ice, he becomes relentless and gains a cold-hearted gleam to his eyes that this transformation is part of his appeal to figure skating fans.

Seung-gil is popular as his skating is beautiful. However, he is stoic towards his mostly female fans, as well as other women, like Sara Crispino. He shows a more vulnerable side when he cries after failing to advance to the Grand Prix final [1].

Seung-gil's programs do not contain any fanservice since he only ever thinks about how to best demonstrate his skills. He is also very calculative, tallying his base and any additional TES instead of fully focusing on his presentation during his short program [2], and watching Yuuri Katsuki's free skate with an analytical gaze.


Not much is known about Seung-gil, except that he owns a Siberian Husky as seen in the ending on his Instagram page.



Seung-gil has a great jumping ability and was, for a while, the only skater able to land a quadruple loop in international competition. He was the one who landed the first ratified quad loop.[3]


Seung-gil's strong ability in mathematics is reflected in the speed in which he is able to calculate his TES (Technical Element Score) even as he skates.[4]


Min-so Park

Min-so is Seung-gil's coach whom he does not seem to talk to her very much, even ignoring her advice sometimes. Min-so also does not seem very close to Seung-gil and she mostly only seems interested in making sure Seung-gil works towards the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Sara Crispino

Sara is the only figure skater in the show who attempts to engage in friendly conversation with Seung-gil that she does show some interest in him, but he is indifferent towards her multiple advances.

In Episode 10, it is shown that Seung-gil has Sara's number saved on his phone [5] as Sara is seen texting to him on her phone during the Grand Pre-Final, but he just simply throws his phone on the floor in annoyance right after he sees the text message. However, the reason of how he got her number, when he got it or why he has her number is unknown.


Short - Almavivo

It was stated that it was strange for Seung-gil to choose to perform a mambo, but he picked it because he wanted to break new ground in ice skating [2].

Free - Pavane Pour une Infante Défunte



  • Seung-gil's theme for the season is "greed".[3]
  • Seung-gil has an extreme aversion (a strong dislike or disinclination) to women and vegetables [6] while he likes meat and dogs [4].
  • Seung-gil doesn't look good in anything, but he wears sportswear when he dresses himself as he basically has no interest in fashion since he's so devoted to his sport [7].
  • Seung-gil owns a Siberian Husky [8].
  • Seung-gil's Instagram is seung-gillee.
    • The caption on his Instagram post in the ending credits reads '🐕'.