Pirozhki (Russian: пирожки) (singular: Pirozhok) (Russian: Пирожок) are individually-sized baked or fried buns with a variety of fillings, which can be savoury or sweet. While Pirozhki are usually baked, the Pirozhki mostly seen in the show are of the fried variety, which resembles a small croquette instead of the "puff"-like look that baked Pirozhki have. The fried variants are more commonly found in Japan.

Appearances Edit

A plate of baked Pirozhki appears as the midmark in Episode 1. The dish itself is mentioned in the episode's title, "Easy as Pirozhki!".

In Episode 8, Yuri Plisetsky is given a bag of fried Pirozhki by his grandfather Nikolai Plisetsky, being Yuri's favourite food. Nikolai seemed concerned when Yuri mentions a different dish, asking Yuri if he did not enjoy the Pirozhki, which Yuri instantly denies.
Katsudon Pirozhki

A katsudon pirozhki.

In Episode 9, Nikolai Plisetsky gives his grandson another bag of fried Pirozhki, stuffed with ingredients of pork katsudon in an attempt to combine Yuri's favourite foods together. Yuri greatly enjoys the new "katsudon Pirozhki", though he only eats one, and gives the remaining Pirozhki to Yuuri Katsuki as an early birthday present. When Yuuri Katsuki compliments the Pirozhki, Yuri Plisetsky is shown to be very happy and proud of his grandfather for having prepared such a dish.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unclear why fried Pirozhki is used in this show instead of baked Pirozhki, which is more common in Europe. However, the Japanese version of pirozhki (ピロシキ 'piroshki') is usually fried.