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Mila Babicheva (Russian: Мила Бабичева; Japanese: ミラ・バビチェヴァ, Mira Babichevua) is a ladies' singles skater.



Mila is a fairly tall young woman with wavy chin-length auburn hair that hangs on the right side (an undercut starts from slightly above her ear, although the shaved parts are usually hidden by the outer layers of hair [1]), deep-blue eyes, she often wears pink lip gloss and she is shown to be very strong as she able to lift Yuri Plisetsky above her head, despite her petite frame [2].

She is usually seen wearing her practice outfit, which consists of a long-sleeved black shirt that bares her midriff, black pants and pink gloves.


Mila is a caring person who pays attention to the well-being of her rink mates. However, she is a force to be reckoned with when provoked as Yuri mentions that Mila had beaten up her ex-boyfriend when she discovered that he was cheating on her [2].

Mila is fun to be around who has quite a sense of humor and she likes to tease Yuri Plisetsky, but she also makes fun of Georgi Popovich while watching his short program.


Mila is a student of Yakov Feltsman with Yuri Plisetsky, Georgi Popovich and Victor Nikiforov (Mila's rink mates).

Mila is currently ranked third in international Ladies' Singles [3], above Sara Crispino.

It was revealed that Mila was dating an ice hockey player before the start of the series, but they broke up sometime before Episode 4 [2].


Yuri Plisetsky

Mila with Yuri

Mila and Yuri seem to have a casual but close relationship where she treats him as one would a younger brother, teasing him constantly but also offering support when needed. Yuri sometimes refers to Mila as "grandma" (or "old hag" in the English dub) [2].

Despite often being annoyed by Mila, Yuri is quite trusting of her and is willing to follow her guidance.

Georgi Popovich

Mila and Georgi are rink mates under Yakov Feltsman's supervision where they sit together in the audience during the Rostelecom Cup. She knows quite a lot about Georgi's personal life, specifically his breaking up with Anya (Georgi's ex-girlfriend) and she makes jokes about his short program during the Cup of China.

Yakov Feltsman

Yakov is Mila's coach whom she travels with along with the Russian team. Under Yakov's guidance, Mila was able to enter the Grand Prix Women's Final, along with Sara Crispino.

Sara Crispino

Although Sara is Mila's fellow competitor, they are seen to be on good terms where they sit together in the audience at the Rostelecom Cup men's free skate and she is concerned for Sara when the latter starts crying during Michele Crispino's performance.

Both of them manage to proceed to the GPF ladies' program and they sit together at the rinkside.

Victor Nikiforov

Victor is Mila's ex-rink mate, but there has yet to be any interaction seen between the two of them.


  • The name Mila means "gracious" or "dear" in Slavic.
    • Her name is romanized as so by Kubo Mitsurou, but it has also been romanized as Mira [3] and Milla [1].
      • Yuri Plisetsky's nickname for Mila is "баба" (baba), meaning 'old lady' or 'grandmother' in both Japanese and Russian, might be a play on Mila's surname Babicheva.


  • Mila is seen during the Sochi GPF banquet taking pictures of Yuuri Katsuki pole dancing [4].


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