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Josef Karpisek (Czech: Josef Karpíšek; Japanese: ヨゼフ・カルピーシェク, Yozefu Karupīsheku) is Christophe Giacometti's coach.


Josef is an older man with no hair and a wide frame. He has hazel eyes and wears glasses with thick red temples.


Christophe Giacometti

Josef has been Chris' coach for a long time, dating back to at least as long as Chris's Senior debut.[1] The two of them have a casual relationship and are rather close, evident in the warm hug they share before both of Chris' programs during the Cup of China.


  • "Victor! He is right, he can't get serious without you."[2] (to Victor about Chris)
  • "He's far better than he was at the European Championships, but he seems even more focused after the short program. That's unusual." [1] (about Chris)


  • Josef's glasses first appears with thick red rims, but subsequently, they are rimless. It is not known whether he owns multiple pairs of glasses, or it is simply the result of a continuity error.
  • A younger Josef shown in a flashback of Chris' in Episode 7 shows him wearing blue glasses.


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