Isabella Yang (Japanese: イザベラ・ヤン, Izabera Yan) is the fiancée of Jean-Jacques Leroy and a member of the JJ Girls fan club.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Isabella, except that Jean-Jacques Leroy proposed to her with the condition that they would get married after he won the World Championship.[1]

Appearance Edit

Isabella has neck-length hair with a single strand usually hanging in her face, grey-blue eyes, thin eyebrows, long eyelashes, and red lipstick. She wears a necklace with JJ's initials on a pendant.

Personality Edit

Isabella is hugely supportive of JJ and sings along with his short program song to give JJ encouragement during his short program at the Barcelona Grand Prix Final. Later on, after JJ's scores are announced, she remains strong in her support of him, starting a chant in the arena to cheer JJ up after receiving a low score.[1]

She is emotionally strong as well, as she was unfazed when shouted at by Yuri Plisetsky at the outing in Barcelona, though she sulks and leans into JJ for comfort.[2]

Relationships Edit

Jean-Jacques Leroy Edit

Isabella is JJ's fiancée and a dedicated member of his fan club. The two are often seen close together. JJ declares that he would be the one who would win gold in the GPF and get married instead of Yuuri.[2] Isabella believes that JJ can win gold in all his skating events. When JJ flunks his GPF short program due to anxiety (some from these expectations), Isabella still cheers for him through tears. She starts a "JJ" chant in the audience after he enters the kiss and cry.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • She can be seen with JJ in the background of one of the photos from last year's GPF banquet.[2]

References Edit

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