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Hisashi Morooka (Japanese: 諸岡 久志, Morooka Hisashi) is an announcer featured in Yuri!!! on Ice.


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Morooka has short, messy brown hair and round, dark eyes.

He is often seen with his green jacket.


As an announcer, Morooka is a quite vociferous guy who is also quite the optimist as he pertinaciously believed that it was not the end of the line for Yuuri Katsuki's figure skating career.


Morooka is a figure skating enthusiast and an announcer at many of the competitions.


Yuuri Katsuki

Hisashi is very supportive of Yuuri, urging him not to quit skating after his loss at the Grand Prix Final which was held at Sochi, Russia.


  • " Don't give up yet kid, you hear me, you're too young to retire!"[1] (To Yuuri Katsuki)
  • "Katsuki-kun, do you really have the time to do things like this?!"[2] (After watching Yuuri's video)
  • "Love wins!"[3] (After Yuuri's FS at the Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu Championship)
  • "I-it's a quad flip! He fell, but there appeared to be enough rotations! The quad flip was a signature move of Victor Nikiforov, his coach. Not even Nikiforov ever attempted a jump this difficult at the end of a program, when fatigue would be at its peak! Here's a man who'll go above and beyond our expectations, Katsuki Yuuri!"[4] (After Yuuri's CoC FS)


  • The name Hisashi means "long time" (久) (hisa) and "will, purpose" (志) (shi).
  • Hisashi's surname Morooka means "carious, sundry, many" (諸) (moro) and "ridge, hill" (岡) (oka).


  • Morooka is voiced by Taihei Kato, who is one of TV Asahi's announcers and a figure skating commentator.


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