Hiroko Katsuki (Japanese: 勝生 寛子, Katsuki Hiroko) is the mother of Yuuri and Mari Katsuki.


Together with her husband Toshiya, Hiroko runs Yu-topia Katsuki, the last remaining hot springs resort in Hasetsu.


Katsuki Family

Hiroko with her husband and daughter.

Hiroko is a short, plump woman with short brown hair, round brown eyes, and tan skin. Like her husband and son, she wears glasses. She is always seen wearing Japanese clothes, with a red top and pants and a blue hanten over it.


Hiroko is a warm and friendly person who rarely ever seems troubled about anything. She is very supportive of Yuuri, greeting him enthusiastically when he comes home for the first time in five years.


Yuuri Katsuki

Hiroko is Yuuri's mother. She is very supportive of his figure skating career, although she does not know much about figure skating.

Toshiya Katsuki

Hiroko is Toshiya's wife; the two of them run Yu-topia Katsuki together.

Mari Katsuki

Hiroko is Mari's mother. Mari works at Yu-topia alongside her parents.

Minako Okukawa

Hiroko and Minako get along well and have known each other since they were students. Hiroko is the younger of the two.[1] The two of them are on a first-name basis with each other, and Hiroko uses the honorific "-senpai" when addressing Minako.


  • "He didn't make the cut. Thanks to that, he can finally come home!"[2] (about Yuuri)
  • "That boy isn't used to being in first place."[3] (about Yuuri)



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