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Georgi Popovich (Russian: Георгий Попович; Japanese: ギオルギー・ポポーヴィッチ, Giorugī Popōvitchi) is a Russian figure skater featured in Yuri!!! on Ice.


Georgi, along with Yuri Plisetsky, Mila Babicheva, and Victor Nikiforov, is a student of Yakov Feltsman.


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Georgi has black hair, cyan eyes, and a lean, slightly muscular build. He usually styles his hair in a quiff. He wears a tank top while training in order to "look beautiful", but others tend to find it strange.[1]

Short Program

His outfit for his short program is based on the stereotypical image of a witch, emphasizing dark colors with a somewhat theatrical flair. He also wears prominent makeup (dark eye shadow and dark purple lipstick) and a cuff on his left ear.[2]

Free Skate

Contrary to Georgi's short program, the theme of his free skate is the polar opposite to his short program. Georgi wears a simpler, light-blue costume in it.[3]


Georgi has a very serious attitude towards competitions, but also has his own comical way of expressing himself. He takes relationships so seriously to the point that he uses his own heartbroken experience as the theme of his skating programs.[2][3]


Victor Nikiforov

Victor is Georgi's rinkmate under the same coach, save the time Victor left for Japan to coach Yuuri. When Victor was involved in competitive skating, Georgi was relegated to being in Victor's shadow, since no one could match him. After Victor went to Japan to Yuuri, Georgi saw himself as Russia's new top skater.[2]

Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri is Georgi's rinkmate under the same coach. Yuri does not show much interaction with Georgi. Despite being rinkmates, Georgi does not have Yuri's phone number[4].

Mila Babicheva

Georgi and Mila are rinkmates under Yakov's supervision. Like she is with her other rinkmates, Mila seems to be on friendly terms with Georgi, as she can openly make fun of his intense expressions during a performance. She is also very knowledgeable about his private life. They watched the Rostelecom Cup together in the audience.

Yakov Feltsman

Yakov is Georgi's current coach. Yakov wants Georgi to shine and gain more confidence in his skating now that Victor has left. Georgi is very receptive to Yakov's teaching, which Yakov notes is both a strength and weakness.


Georgi's ex-girlfriend, Anya, is an active competitive ice dancer. At the Cup of China, it is revealed that she had left him for another man, making him bitter and somewhat cynical.[5] He was deeply heartbroken from this loss and wanted her back.[6] As the season went on, Georgi was eventually able to move on from Anya.



Georgi is able to land a quadruple Salchow cleanly in the competition, which suggests that he has great jumping ability and hang-time.


Out of all of Yakov's students, Georgi is the one who is best able to interpret his music, and the one who makes the most use of artistry. He is an emotional skater who becomes very absorbed in his programs.


Short - Carabosse

The song itself is from "The Sleeping Beauty," about the witch that curses the Princess to eternal sleep. Georgi channels his heartbreak and bitterness over being left by his girlfriend into his interpretation of the music.

Free - Tales of a Sleeping Prince


  • "I am an evil witch."[2] (Short Program Monologue)
  • "Now that Victor's gone, I'm the new top skater in Russia."[2] (Short Program Monologue)


  • He keeps a picture of his ice dancer ex-girlfriend in his pendant.
  • Georgi is known in Japan as the "pigeon".[7]
  • He has been in every episode since the pilot, but did not have a single speaking part until Episode 6 where he competes in the Cup of China.
  • Georgi's Japanese voice actor also sings the ending theme, You Only Live Once.
  • His theme for the season is "heartbreak."


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