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Yuri!!! on Ice (Japanese: ユーリ!!! on ICE) is an original Japanese sports anime television series about figure skating. Season One of Yuri!!! on Ice began airing on October 6, 2016 and its final episode aired on December 21, 2016. The show broadcasted every Thursday at 2:21am JST.

The Only Season Because They Will Not Release the Next One for Some Reason

Season 1
Episode #
Air Date
1 YK1.png Easy as Pirozhki!!
The Grand Prix Final of Tears
October 6, 2016
The episode starts at the Grand Prix, where legendary Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov has just placed first. Japan skater Yuuri Katsuki, on the other hand, places last in the entire competition, following a mental breakdown over his dog's death. While Yuuri is calling his mother about his loss, young Russian junior skater Yuri Plisetsky confronts him in a bathroom, berates him and tells him to retire. Yuuri returns home to Hasetsu after five years in America where he catches up with his family and childhood friends. After a video of Yuuri perfectly replicating a program of Victor's free skate 'Stay Close To Me' is secretly released on social media, Victor decides to travel to Hasetsu to become Yuuri's figure skating coach.
YP ep2.png
Two Yuris?! Drama at Yu-topia! October 12, 2016
Following Victor's abrupt departure to Japan, his coach Yakov, who disapproved of Victor leaving Russia and taking a season off from his skating career, is left to deal with reporters wishing to know what Victor is doing. In Japan, Victor decides to stay with Yuuri and provide him with training, which includes getting Yuuri back to his previous (top) form. As Victor enjoys the Japanese customs, culture and food, he accidentally reveals his location in Hasetsu by posting a photo on his Instagram, which causes a media uproar and Hasetsu is flooded with fans and journalists. Seeing the photo, Yuri goes to Japan to find Victor and forces Victor to arrange his short program as per a forgotten promise made to him.
Yuuri katsuki.jpg
I am Eros, and Eros is Me!?
Face Off! Hot Springs on Ice
October 19, 2016
Following his promise to arrange short programs for both Yuuri and Yuri, Victor gives Yuri the program "In Regards to Love: Agape" and Yuuri "In Regards to Love: Eros" for the upcoming "Hot Springs on Ice" competition. The winner of the competition will determine who Victor will coach. The episode centres upon how both Yuuri and Yuri try to find emotions that portray their short program - Yuri in trying to understand unconditional love, and Yuuri discovering sexual love. On the day of the competition, Yuri goes first, but eventually concedes to Yuuri while watching the latter's program without waiting to hear the official results, already knowing the results, and chooses to return home to Russia to train under his former coach Yakov.
Trip to the ocean.png

Like Yourself... And Complete the Free Program!!

October 26, 2016
Back in their own home rinks, Yuuri and Yuri both begin to prepare for their free skate programs. Yuri is placed under former prima ballerina Lilia Baranovskaya who also choreographs Yuri's free skate. Yuuri on the other hand is eager to choreograph his own free skate along with music that represents himself. Victor helps Yuuri find his confidence by talking and spending time together, while Phichit Chulanont assists Yuuri in contacting a music student who once composed a piece for him. A new free program score is written and choreographed by both Victor and Yuuri, which Yuuri aptly names Yuuri On Ice.
Kenjiro Minami.png
Face Beet-Red!! It's the First Competition! The Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship November 2, 2016
In order to be able to make it into Grand Prix series, Yuuri's first priority is to win the Inter-Prefecture Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship. Yuuri is reminded of his past failures and becomes anxious, but is able to pull off a decent short program. Later on, he encounters the young competitor Minami Kenjirou who had won last year's nationals but still looked up to Yuuri. Yuuri initially does not return the support that Minami shows for him, but after Victor confronts him, Yuuri begins to open up and show support for the younger skater. Despite hitting his head while performing the free program, Yuuri is able to place first overall. Later in a press conference, Yuuri chooses "Love" as his theme for the Grand Prix series.
China's On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Short Program November 9, 2016
Allocated to the Cup of China for the first competition, Yuuri and Victor fly over to Beijing where they first encounter Victor's old coach Yakov and Russian skater Georgi Popovich. During dinner at a local restaurant, the pair are discovered by Phichit who invites his coach Celestino, along with two other competitors - American skater Leo de la Iglesia and Chinese skater Guang Hong Ji - to join. On the day of the competition itself, the skaters meet the final competitor, Swiss skater Christophe Giacometti. The episode moves on to showcase the individual short programs preformed by each of the six competitors. Having delivered a flawless performance, Yuuri finds himself first in place after the short program is over, with a score surpassing his personal best.
Viktor and Yuuri.png
China's On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Free Program November 16, 2016
The day of the free skate in the Cup of China arrives with Yuuri nervous and tired, having been unable to sleep the night before. Victor advises Yuuri to nap until just before the competition, but Yuuri is too worried to get proper rest. With each ongoing performance, Yuuri is increasingly worked up, which leads Victor to bring Yuuri to the parking lot where the sound of the performances would hopefully not be able to reach them. With Yuuri's turn fast coming up, Victor is at a loss of how to motivate Yuuri, and decides to pretend to step down as Yuuri's coach. This draws out tears from a distraught Yuuri who begs Victor to have more faith in him. Feeling much better after crying, Yuuri executes his free program and shocks the audience by changing his last jump to Victor's signature quadruple flip, though not he does not execute it perfectly. Yuuri rushes over to the kiss and cry to celebrate, and is overcome with surprise at being greeted with a kiss from his coach.
VN YK ep8.png
Yuuri vs Yuri The Horror!! Rostelecom Cup, Short Program November 23, 2016
The Rostelecom Cup is the final competition of the Grand Prix series, taking place in Russia. Yuri Plisetsky is excited to return to Moscow to reunite with his grandfather. Yuuri tries to avoid attention at the hotel lift lobby, but finds himself among competitors - Korean skater Seung-gil Lee, Czech skater Emil Nekola, and Italian skater Michele Crispino, the latter accompanied by his younger sister Sara. During the competition, Yuri, upset that his grandfather will not be watching him, finds it difficult to pull off his short program. Yuuri on the other hand, though having delivered a flawless performance, comes in second to Canadian skater Jean-Jacques Leroy. In an unexpected turn of events, Yuuri and Victor discover that Victor's dog Makkachin has choked on manjū (sticky buns) and Victor returns to Japan, leaving Yuuri alone in Russia.
9 Yurio Plisetsky ep 9.jpg Yuuri vs Yuri The Horror!! Rostelecom Cup, Free Skate November 30, 2016
With Victor gone, Yuuri is placed under the guidance of Yakov for the free skate. Meanwhile, Sara who notices her brother's unhealthy dependency on her, urges Mickey to do well without her support. Just moments before his turn, Yuri decides to schedule his jumps later in the program, and delivers a flawless program. On the other hand, Yuuri is unable to perform his best without Victor around and barely manages to make the cut for the Grand Prix Final. Yuri finds Yuuri after the competition and shares Pirozhki containing katsudon filling made by his grandfather. Yuuri returns to Hasetsu where he reunites with Victor and a fully recovered Makkachin, and begs Victor to be his coach until he retires.
VN YK ring ep 10.JPG
Gotta Supercharge It! Pre-Grand Prix Final Special! December 7, 2016
Having arrived in Barcelona, Spain, for the Grand Prix Final, Victor introduces Yuuri to the six finalists, starting with Chris who he meets at the hotel swimming pool. Back at the hotel lobby, Yuri runs into JJ and his girlfriend, as well as Kazakhstan skater Otabek Altin. Phichit is introduced last. The next day after training at the rink, Yuri finds himself together with Otabek, who shares a backstory with Yuri and the two become friends. Victor and Yuuri, after sightseeing and shopping, find themselves at a night market, where Yuuri buys a pair of gold rings as a Christmas present for Victor. The two exchange rings and are later invited to dinner by Minako and Mari with all the finalists excluding JJ. While talking, Chris catches sight of the pair of rings, and Phichit invites the restaurant to congratulate Victor and Yuuri on their marriage, which Victor corrects to being engaged. The next morning, before the Grand Prix Final begins, Yuri confronts Victor regarding the relationship between Yuuri and Victor and vows to win the finals.
Yuri happy episode 11.png
Gotta Super-Supercharge It!! Grand Prix Final Short Program December 14, 2016
With a kiss on his ring from Victor and a planned quadruple flip as his final jump, Yuuri is the first to take to the ice in the Grand Prix Final, but is unable to do as well as he hoped. Phichit scores a new personal best with a flawless program, and Yuri's high-difficulty performance sets him a new record surpassing Victor's short program world record. Chris delivers a near-perfect short program, while Otabek, with Yuri's support, scores a new personal best. Top contender JJ succumbs to the pressure of the Grand Prix Final and is devastated at not being able to perform well. Back at the hotel after the competition, Victor sits to talk with Yuuri, who simply asks to "let's end this" after the finals.
Yoi ep12 curtain yuri-and-viktor.png
Final Skate: Gotta Super-Super-Supercharge It!!! Grand Prix Final Free Skate December 21, 2016
The night before the free skate does not go well for Yuuri and Victor, both of them having made different decisions regarding their futures. The final day of the Grand Prix Final arrives, with JJ first on the ice, who, despite his nerves, manages to perform well. Phichit is the second to perform, and is happy that he could entertain the audience with his skating. When Yuuri performs his free skate, he increases the difficulty of many of his jumps and delivers a perfect program, allowing him to surpass Victor's free skate world record. It is here that Victor reveals his wish to return to competitive skating. Chris and Otabek are the next to perform, and lastly, Yuri takes to the ice. Yuri's determination to win gold so that Yuuri will not retire proves fruitful, and he wins the Grand Prix, albeit narrowly. Yuuri begs Victor to stay on and coach him, to which Victor agrees. The after ending reveals that Yuuri moves to Russia with Victor and Yuri.

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