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Emil Nekola (Japanese: エミル・ネコラ, Emiru Nekora) is a Czech figure skater featured in Yuri!!! on Ice.


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Emil is a six-foot-tall young man with an athletic build. He has shaggy, dark blond hair, blue eyes, a mustache stubble, and a short beard.

Short Program

During his short program, Emil wears a dark costume with a black vest, gray, puffy sleeves, and a black cravat. 

Free Skate

During his free skate, Emil wears a blue one-piece costume with silver, geometric decorations, and a wide blue belt. 


Emil is a kind, straightforward, honest, and true gentleman. He has a protege-like temperament, so he is easily ordered around, usually by Michele Crispino and he is also very sociable as he often asks Sara Crispino, and sometimes Michele, to go out for dinner or drinks with him.

He is the only one who returns Yuuri Katsuki's hug during Yuuri's brief hugging spree after the Rostelecom Cup free program.


Emil competed at the World Championship in Yoyogi during the previous season where he placed third at Skate Canada International in the current season.



Emil has a great jumping ability and is the only skater other than Seung-gil Lee and Jean-Jacques Leroy to land a quad loop in competition.[1] However, he tends to run out of stamina after pulling them off.[2]


Michele Crispino

Michele is rather wary of Emil trying to get together with Sara Crispino, but the two are good friends. Emil is the only other person besides Sara who refers to Michele as Mickey. They sit together in the audience during the Barcelona GPF.[3] It's been confirmed that they have each other's contact information.[4]

Sara Crispino

Given Emil's friendship with the elder Crispino twin, he also gets along with Sara where he often tries to ask her to go out for dinner or drinks with him, but Michele always turns these offers down, in the belief he is protecting his sister from Emil.


Short - Pictures at the Exhibition: The Hut on Fowl's Legs

Free - Anastasis

The track is the theme of a sci-fi film also called Anastasis.


  • The name Emil means "Excellent" in Latin.
  • Emil's surname Nekola means "not" (ne) and "instability" (kola) in Czech.



  • Emil does extreme sports during the off season, which makes his coach nervous.[6]
  • Emil enjoys clubbing.[2]
  • Emil has made cameos in:
  • Emil's season's theme is described as being "Cyberpunk: I'm No Longer Human."[5]


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