Aria《Stammi vicino, non te ne andare》(アリア《離れずにそばにいて》) is the first single featured in Yuri!!! on Ice. It is composed by Taku Matsushiba, who conducts Ensemble FOVE, and is sung by male tenor Kazuma Kudō.

Victor Nikiforov performs to this piece for his free skate at the Sochi Grand Prix Final. Yuuri Katsuki imitates this free skate, which is recorded and uploaded to the internet by the Nishigori triplets and soon goes viral on social media. Victor, after watching the video, travels to Hasetsu to become Yuuri's coach.

Duet: Stammi vicino, non te ne andare is the duet version of this song, which Yuuri and Victor perform to for the exhibition skate in Episode 12.


Sento una voce che piange lontano
Anche tu, sei stato forse abbandonato?

Orsù finisco presto questo calice di vino
e inizio a prepararmi
Adesso fa’ silenzio

Con una spada vorrei tagliare quelle gole che cantano d'amore
Vorrei serrare nel gelo le mani che scrivono quei versi d'ardente passione

Questa storia che senso non ha
Svanirà questa notte assieme alle stelle
Se potessi vederti dalla speranza nascerà l’eternità

Stammi vicino, non te ne andare
Ho paura di perderti

Le tue mani, le tue gambe,
le mie mani, le mie gambe,
e i battiti del cuore
si fondono tra loro

Partiamo insieme
Ora sono pronto








Tōku de naite iru koe ga suru
Omae mo dareka ni hitsuyō to sa renakatta no ka?

Kono wain wo nomihoshitara
Junbi wo hajimeyou
Ima wa shizukani shite kure

Ai no uta wo utau sono nodo wo ken de tsukisashitai
Koi no uta wo tsudzuru sono te wo kōra setai

Nani no imi mo nai kono monogatari wa
Hoshi to tomoni koyoi kieru
Shikashi mata deaerunara, sō negau koto de eien ga umareru

Hanarezu ni soba ni ite
Anata wo ushinau hodo kowai mono wanai

Anata no te ga ashi ga
Watashi no te ga ashi ga
Kodō ga
Majiri au

Tomo ni tabidatou
Junbi wa dekiru

I hear a voice weeping in the distance
Have you maybe been abandoned as well?

Come now, I'll quickly finish this glass of wine
I’ll start to get ready
Be quiet now

With a sword I wish I could cut those throats singing about love
I wish I could enclose in ice the hands that write those verses of burning passion

This story that has no meaning
Will vanish tonight together with the stars
If I could see you, eternity will be born from hope

Stay close to me, don’t go away
I’m afraid of losing you

Your hands, your legs,
My hands, my legs,
And our heartbeats
Are blending together

Let’s leave together
I’m ready now

Trivia Edit

  • The title of this song "hanarezu ni soba ni ite" is one of the dialogues spoken by Yuuri to Victor and vice versa in various episodes[1][2] (though more prominently seen in Episode 7[3]). It can signify being physically together, or together in psyche.
  • Mitsurou Kubo confirmed that the song is about Victor and Yuuri, amongst other things.[4]
  • The singer of the song, Kazuma Kudo, uses the name "工藤 和真!!! on ICE" on his Twitter account.
  • Aria refers to a vocal solo usually performed in opera.
  • Mitsurou Kubo originally wrote the lyrics in Japanese then had them translated to Italian.[3]
  • The Italian lyrics specifically address a male person since they use the male singular "you" form in the phrase "anche tu sei stato forse abbandonato?"
  • In the official Italian lyrics the word "scrivono" ("write") is used, but in the recorded song, Kazuma Kudo uses the word "esprimono" ("express").
  • The dubbed version of the anime refers to this song as "Stay Close to Me".

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