"Супер перезагрузка!! Произвольная программа на Финале Гран-при" - двенадцатый и последний эпизод аниме "Юри!!! на льду", выпущенный 21 декабря 2016 года.


Having just said "let's end this," Yuuri meets the day of his free skate in the worst possible condition. As the two fight their last program against each other, will Yuuri be able to glide on Viktor's frank love... and what will the final conclusion be...?[

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Yuri K. tells Victor his plans to retire so he can return to ice skating, but Victor's tearful reaction causes them to agree to decide everything after the GPF is over. The next day, JJ is able to redeem himself with a strong performance in the free skate. Although they behave distantly with each other, Victor gives Yuri K. encouragement before his turn. Yuri K. changes his jumping elements in his program to get a higher score and gives a moving, flawless performance. Yuri K. earns a high score, breaking Victor's free skate world record, and Victor tells Yuri K. that he will return to competitive skating. Before Yuri P.'s turn, Victor tells Yakov that he plans to make his comeback at the Russian Nationals and reveals that Yuri K. might retire after the GPF. Disappointed that Yuri K. might retire, Yuri P. uses his free skate to convey his desire to keep competing against him. When the totals scores are up, Yuri P. wins gold, Yuri K. wins silver, and JJ wins bronze. After the award ceremony, Yuri K. tells Victor that he will compete for one more year. At the GPF exhibition event, Yuri K. and Victor performs a pair skating edition of Victor's "Stay Close to Me" routine. As Victor wants to coach Yuri K. and compete simultaneously, Yuri K. later moves to St. Petersburg to continue his training alongside Victor and Yuri P.

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Note: Real life professional skater Stéphane Lambiel appears and voices himself as a guest announcer for the GPF.


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